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========DECEMBER 11 2022========



A new book in the Spectra Star series, set in a world divided by light and dark. Say goodbye to the solitary safety of your own mind.

The website is being updated to accommodate for the book's release. But here's the kicker: Twilight Star is going to be released in 14 parts, partly to expedite the release, and partly so feedback can be gained as the chapters come out. Also because it's fun.


I haven't precisely figured out what the schedule will look like, partly since it isn't yet finished, but it will all be out by the end of 2023. I swear. When have I ever lied to you?

Anyway, as usual updates will be coming to my Twitter, Newgrounds, and Tumblr upon the first few chapters' release, so you probably won't have to spam f5, unless you really want to, I guess. Not my servers.

See you when Twilight Star dawns!



========OCTOBER 22 2022========

Version 1.2.0 of Spectra Star is out so make sure your personal download copies of the book aren't, like, infected with minor spelling mistakes or whatever.

Anyway, this update has a focus on making sure Spectra Star is ready for the DEMO VERSION PRINT RUN, of 100 promotional copies. For promotional purposes!

They will be released for free by me personally. If you know me in real life, you can probably just ask. If you don't know me in real life, approaching a random person in the street has a 1/8,000,000 chance to get you to me, so I guess just keep doing that.

Same goes for the SPECTRA STAR STICKERS, which I will be forcing upon people that ask.

To coincide with 1.2.0 and the demo print run, the website has gotten a major visual overhaul. I mean, you're looking right at it!

Alright bye bye :)




========JULY 19 2022========

The Spectra Star trailer is up on Youtube and can be found here!!

This also marks the first official news post on the site, which is very convenient since there's a news tab that was otherwise just completely unused.

Plus I've started work on something new and Spectra Star related. Yes, boil with anticipation, just as I want.



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