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Spectra Star v1.2.0

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23 באוק׳

I can't really descibe how important Spectra Star is to me. It's really funny, has a really sick setting (that definitely-isn't-earth), and it all comes with a cast of little guys that I would take a bullet for. 💞

A personal shoutout goes to Callie, who (((without discussing some things,))) is a cool as fuck robo badass who you end up rooting for really strongly as the narrative goes on. Watching her grow and change and evolve was genuinely really meaningful!! The same goes for Lola who I think is funny enough cloned to fill 3/4ths of the main cast of seinfeld(with M as Kramer of course)and also being an inspiringly lovely person for whom I would love to make tea. Minnie gets a special shoutout for making me think about how sick a juice gun fps would be, and Mel for simaultaniously coming off as a really good diplomat and the kind of person who climbs the outside of skyscapers with no harness.

Anyway, I could talk for hours about this, but thank you so much for such a great experience!! I've has a really wonderful time and can't wait to immerse myself in your stuff again soon when your new #spooky project comes out. Now to sit down, relax and wish that insects were real like they are in Spectra Star ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Marina Katz
24 באוק׳
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im glad u enjoyed spectra star!!! as sad as i am that insects arent real, i think maybe that our self reflection through characters we relate to is perhaps the real insect all along :) sucks theyre fictional fr tho